STBNY Programming Announcement

Big news here at STBNY HQ, folks: I’m pregnant! With twins, no less! While this is amazing news for STBNY the person, it’s been tricky for STBNY the blog. As you may have noticed, my posts have tapered off recently. Partially because I haven’t been drinking wine since late August — but also because my usual after-work blogging time has now become “lying on the couch exhausted and trying not to throw up” time.

I’m hoping to ramp up here as I enter my second trimester and the ¬†fog of nausea and fatigue begins to lift. The content mix will obviously change. You’ll see some more guest posts — including what should be a fun series from Chile — plus more food, and fewer wine write ups.

At some point, I will likely have the occasional glass of wine. Right now though even thinking about wine turns my stomach (talk about words I never thought I’d write), so not sure when occasional glass might happen.

In the meantime, thanks for reading, and thanks for bearing with me over the next six months!

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