ZAP Giveaway: We Have (Two) Winners!

ZAP Giveaway: We Have (Two) Winners!

I’m very pleased to announce the winners of the ZAP Grand Tasting giveaway! Each submitted multiple haikus (overachievers that they are) but I have selected one winning entry for each.

1. Leo Argersinger

Zin Zen

Mineral and spice

Dark berries, saddle leather

Wine meditation

2. Jill Wilson

Zin, how I love thee!

Let me count the many ways.

Through a straw? Classy.

I think you’ll agree that both writers exploited the haiku form to excellent — and very different — effect. Each will get two tickets to the ZAP Grand Tasting in San Francisco on January 30. The only condition of their big victory is that they must submit a photo/video/other account of their ZAP experience, which I’ll post to STBNY.

Big congrats to the winners — and thanks for playing, all!

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