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Holiday Fizz That Won’t Break the Bank

For my wine studies, I’ve been reading up a lot on Champagne* lately. One of the inconveniences of studying for these exams is that I constantly crave whatever it is I happen to be studying. Sadly, my lifestyle and my wallet don’t lend themselves to as much Champagne consumption as I would like. Fortunately for me (and you), there are some much more accessible options that should come in very handy as we approach this Recession-challenged holiday season.

First, a little explanation of why Champagne is so expensive. It’s made using a complicated, and pricey, technique, called “traditional method,” that involves fermenting the wine a second time in the bottle. (Bubbly wines get their bubble from this second fermentation, where yeast and sugar are added to wine, creating alcohol and carbon dioxide. By doing this in a closed container — like the bottle itself — you capture the carbon dioxide, which creates the fizz.) And second of all, well, it’s Champagne. You’re paying for centuries of expertise, prestige, and millions of dollars of marketing. So if you’re looking for bubbles for less, you should look to other regions and/or other ways of making sparkling wine.

So here are some good champagne substitutes, as well as the ideal time to use them:
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