Wine Classes

Have you always wanted to learn more about wine? Do you want to know the secrets to finding delicious wines at great prices? And are you looking to spend a fun, convivial night with your friends (in the comfort of your own home)? Look no further.


My classes are dynamic, informative and stress-free. You’ll coming away knowing more about wine and, just as importantly, your own palate.


I’ve been teaching wine classes for five years. Classes include:


Classic Six: White.

Enjoy and learn about six wines that will showcase the world’s classic white wine grapes.


Classic Six: Red.

An overview of the must-know red wine grapes from around the world.


Beyond Bordeaux: Great Regional Wines of France.

Look beyond Bordeaux and Burgundy to find incredible wines from all over France that won’t break the bank.


Cutting-Edge Wines.

Orange wine, grower champagne, natural wine…learn more about these and other wines that are the current darlings of wine insiders.


Green Wines: Sustainable, Organic and Biodynamic Wines.

“Green” winemaking is becoming increasingly popular, including in some of the world’s greatest wine regions. Here’s a chance to taste some of these environmentally friendly wines yourself.


Of course, we can always work together to come up with a custom class just for you.


Who: You, me, and up to 20 of your nearest and dearest.


What: A guided tasting of 4-8 wines. We’ll work together to determine budget, timing and other logistics.


Why: Why not? Birthdays, showers, anniversaries, dinner parties…


Where: I’ll come to you. (And I bring my own glassware — less clean up for you!)


When: Evenings or weekends.


How (much): Packages start at $60 per person, plus the cost of wine.


Looking to build a wine collection? Do you want personalized, one-on-one wine instruction? I can do that too.

Email me and let’s get started.