Wine Links — The world’s best wine writer, period. Two caveats: this is a paid subscription site and the content skews Euro — understandable, as she’s British. — My friend Lenn Thompson’s blog is the ultimate guide to NY wine (full disclosure: I’ve contributed to his site from time-to-time.) — Manic but fun and informative wine videos from the ubiquitous Gary V. — A good wine review and locator site with a focus on community. — Where I shop near my home in Brooklyn Heights, in case you’re in the neighborhood. — One of the few winery sites that offers a real education. Great info on individual varietals, plus cool design. — A lovely bed & breakfast near Bandol. Great dinners on a breathtaking terrace…basically, your Proven├žal dream come true. — Two women tasting 100 cheeses. What’s not to love?